Wednesday, 20 November 2013

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East London is my favourite place in London. Although the general preconception is that it's forced and full of pretense, you soon realised once you arrive that it's an interesting amalgamation of cultures in a very small area. Its packed full of delicious treats to satisfy your taste buds, shops full of beautiful vintage finds and graffiti.


1) on the map Spitalfields Market
Spitalfields Market was founded in 1638, previously a food market, it is now a place to find one off handmade gifts made by enthusiastic traders. Spitalfields also has numerous upmarket shops including MAC and Fred Perry.
Price? ***
Get there close to closing time and you can pick up things for a fraction of the price (especially delicious cakes)!


2) on the map
Bricklane specialises in vintage clothing. You have the vintageclothingmarket which is located in an underground basement, here you can pick up clothes as well as second hand vinyl.
Price? ***
A cheaper alternative is the Vintage Basement, which is located just off Bricklane. In the basement you can pick up clothes for as little as 5 pounds!! Time and patience is required to find the gems.
Price? *
There is also the famous Roughtrade shop, packed full of vinyl and cds, as well as books. Occasionally there are free gigs held in the small space, making it an intimate experience. Why not grab a coffe whilst you're there?
Price? ***

3) on the map
Just off Bricklane is a small pokey shop. It's painted black, don't let the appearance put you off. They sell very cheap shoes which are highquality. The shop is not for the fainthearted, as the shop owners are a big fan of banter and teasing.
Price? * Desert boots are just £19 pounds a pair!
Meters away is Beyond Retro. It's a huge warehouse full of vintage clothing, delightfully organised in colour code order.
Price? **

8) on the map Shoreditch
Shoreditch is great for shopping
The pop up mall has a wide variety of highend shops and artistic showrooms with prints on sale.
Price? ****

9) on the map
Shoreditch also has a wonderful array of shops that are specialist, such as organic food stores and large art supply shops. These are not exactly cheap, but this is due to the fact that they are usually small time chain shops.
Price? ****

Graffiti on Bricklane

Look out for posts on Entertainment and Food in the future.

Happy Wandering!!!


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